with Dylan Charles


Why is it so difficult to create the life you deserve?


The truth is hidden in plain sight all around you. 


This event is for you if you are...

  • Stuck in loops of self-defeating behavior
  • Tired of negative self-talk and beating yourself up
  • Wanting to stop procrastination and make progress in life
  • Feeling like everyday is the same
  • A seeker and not a sleeper
  • Willing to kick the everyday poisons ruining your brain
  • Not afraid to take responsibility for your life
  • Tired of losing weight and regaining it right back
  • Wondering why you can't relax without sedating yourself
  • Ready to beat the system by taking control of your life
  • Sick of procrastinating and avoiding responsibility
  • Frustrated being stuck in the same thought loops over and over

Your exploitation and enslavement ends right now. 

Self sabotaging behavior makes you weak and easily controlled, and your strength is needed more than ever. 

This two-part LIVE zoom event, with certified FFSS coach Dylan Charles will show you everything you're not supposed to know about mind control, social engineering, and behavior modification, and what it has done to your life. 

When you know what's being used against you, it's easy to break the cycle and free yourself. 

Overcoming self sabotage is the most profitable and life-changing skill you can learn today. 

It's time to remember who you are and step into your full power as a unique and unstoppable individual. 


You get LIFETIME ACCESS to BOTH empowering sessions of this unique event.

Session 1

What's Really Driving Your Self Sabotaging Behavior?

  • The Science of why your brain defaults to short-term thinking
  • Why the most popular drink in the world is destroying your potential
  • How your mind seeks safety in the crowd of losers
  • Why you procrastinate and avoid success
  • Why it's impossible to think long-term

Session 2

Break Free from the Constraints of Negative Programming

  • The most effective and practical ways to reprogram your subconscious mind
  • How to elevate your consciousness to become healthier and happier
  • The latest science of changing your brain
  • How to shift your environment to change everything
  • Bullet-proof your self talk

A master class with self-sabotage Coach Dylan Charles.

Let certified FFSS self-sabotage coach Dylan Charles teach you the main reasons why self-sabotaging behavior is your default state, and what you can do about it right now. 

In this 2 part, information and insight packed presentation, Dylan will explain the science of the mind that determines how your brain thinks, and shift your understanding of what's possible for you. 

Overcoming your self-sabotaging behaviors is easy once you understand how the mind works to keep you engaged in short-term thinking and unconsciously seeking instant gratification. Whether you are trying to lose weight, overcome addiction, develop new health routines, end procrastination, this program will show you how predictable self-sabotage is and why that makes it easy for you to beat it once and for all. 


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What You Get...

  • A wealth of knowledge you won't find anywhere else
  • Proven tools and techniques to end self sabotage forever
  • Participation in this transformational 2-Session event and open discussion
  • Lifetime access to event replay and updated versions
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  • Learn what's really driving your self-sabotaging behavior.
  • Learn why your brain defaults to short-term thinking.
  • Stay in contact with Dylan for ongoing support.


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