October 2022

A transformative opportunity to become your best.

With certified FFSS self-sabotage coach Dylan Charles

This is a special event for those who:  

  • Are tired of feeling like they are their own worst enemy.
  • Know they are procrastinating in the most important areas of their life. 
  • Can't seem to understand why they keep returning to old habits.
  • Want to get their financial lives in order, but keep repeating the same mistakes. 
  • Wish to bring peace and stability into their relationships. 
  • Know they are self-abusive but don't understand why. 
  • Feel like they've been repeating the same self-destructive habits their whole lives. 
  • Want to lose weight but can't seem to break through. 
  • Are aware that they are sedating themselves to cope with negative emotions. 
  • Feel like there is an invisible wall preventing them from living the life they deserve. 
  • Are plagued by an endless stream of negative thoughts and internal dialogues. 

If this is YOU, keep reading...

Hi, I'm Dylan. 

Many years ago when I was insanely self-destructive, killing myself with drugs and alcohol, and poisoning my body and mind with toxic food and media, no one in my life seemed to care.

No one told me to take care of myself.

In fact, it was quite the opposite. I was the life of the party, and a load of fun to be around, and to my family and crew it was normal and 'cool' to destroy yourself. 

I had to fall all the way to rock bottom in order to realize what treasure and potential was awaiting me on the other side of self-sabotage.

Today, as a self-sabotage and self-mastery coach, I see a lot of similarities in what people are going through. 

Most people describe it as a feeling of being 'stuck', or lacking purpose and direction. They keep doing the same things over and over again, even though they know their choices aren't making them happy or moving them towards their goals or dreams. 

What's going on here?

We live in a world of extreme mind control, which has been the subject of intense study by corporations and the elite for nearly a century. Their primary goal is to trigger your natural tendency to seek social approval and group acceptance, so that you do what everyone else is doing. 

And when everyone else is destroying their health, wealth, and relationships, by eating garbage, sedating themselves, spending irresponsibly, procrastinating, avoiding, and bringing chaos into their homes, then the elite have you right where they want you.

You're doing their dirty work for them.

They know that 93-97% of your behavior is decided by the unconscious part of your mind, and they use this against you everyday. 

This is why it feels like there is an invisible wall standing between you and happiness. This is the part of you that's on auto-pilot, constantly overriding your conscious desires and causing you to revert back to implanted, self-destructive programs. 

But the thing is, the same tricks and secrets they use against you can just as easily be used in your favor, to create a life of love, happiness and wealth.

Let me show you how this works, and give you the best tools for overcoming it once and for all. 

Assisting others in overcoming self-sabotage is the most satisfying work I could be doing these days, and I created this program as an alternative to the standard self-sabotage coaching package I offer, so that all of you who've been reluctant to invest in yourself can have the opportunity to benefit from this powerfully transformational process. 

Will you join me?

This is a rare and very affordable opportunity to receive personal self-sabotage coaching from FFSS certified coach, Dylan Charles.

There will NOT be another opportunity like this until late 2023. 


This is a special opportunity to take advantage of self-sabotage coaching with certified FFSS coach, Dylan Charles in a hybrid group and one-on-one setting.

Many people have asked about offering a more accessible way to gain individualized insight into why they self-sabotage, and this program offers just that. 


This is for 10 people only, and it consists of one group educational call (90 minutes), one personal one-on-one call with Dylan (90 minutes), and one personal follow up call (15 minutes). 

The first part of this event is a group session where we will dive deep into WHY you self-sabotage, and how the influences of the modern world keep you locked in cycles of self-destructive behavior.

We will discuss the current environment of mind control and what it's designed to do to you, the agenda of Hollywood and celebrity culture, group psychology, mass hypnosis, and how your subconscious mind reacts to these negative influences. 

With this deep understanding you will then have a one-on-one call with Dylan, where you will look at your personal history and habits to uncover the origins of the most self-defeating behaviors you engage in.

Dylan will develop a very clear action plan for you, and you will leave this session with all the tools you need to make huge changes in your life. 

The follow up call will check in on your progress a couple of weeks later to make sure that you are sticking to your action plan and moving in the right direction. 

This event is for 10 people only, so register now.

Overcome Self-Sabotage in October 2022

Course Investment Only $325

Special Hybrid Group Pricing

This is a rare opportunity to receive personal self-sabotage coaching from certified FFSS coach, Dylan Charles. 

Normal pricing for this type of coaching is $750, and space is limited to 10 participants, so REGISTER NOW. 



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